Stacy Lundin-Anastassiou died of Breast Cancer February 3, 2012 xoxo "Stacy Angel" xoxo

Monday, October 14, 2013

Griswald Monday

"Almost home"...."Thank goodness, this tongue is getting kind of heavy..."

I took this picture of Grizzy a few weeks ago on the ride home from the veterinarian's....Griswald' s tongue has always been too big for his mouth and the more tired he gets the more it hangs the time we got home that day, his tongue was as long as a necktie...just try to picture, no, on second thought don't go there!

Photoshop CC Special Rate @$9.99 a Month

I'm so excited that I now have a subscription to Photoshop CC...The Photoshop Photography Program is priced at $9.99 a month; to get this rate you need to already have Photoshop CS3 or later... this special, limited time offer is available thru December 31st....I enrolled last night for $9.99 and Adobe will continue to debit my credit card automatically every month...The download took about 20 minutes; I  got PS CC, Bridge, Camera Raw, LR5,  20 GB of Cloud Storage and a Behance Pro Site. I had the option to download other apps too but I didn't know enough about them so I just downloaded the programs that I need right now....I think that this is a great deal; I get to learn about the cloud and know that my versions of PS and LR will always be up- to- date....I'm just happy that I heard about the special price since I was going to wait until next year to subscribe...I'm looking forward to using all of the new PS/LR features and to finally  stop worrying that" I'll get left behind"....even if you're a photographer who does most of her/his work in LR and only occasionally uses an older version of PS, it's worth subscribing at this price to be able to use the newest version of PS...with PS available, the possibilities for your images are if you're interested in finding out more, visit Adobe and see if subscribing to the PS CC makes sense for you

Monday, October 7, 2013

Griswald Monday....Goodbye Kya Always Miss & Love You

Kya, Grizzy's longtime housemate, sometime nemesis, died around 8:30 last night...Kya was 12 years old & had been sick with Cushings Syndrome & struggling with arthritis...the blessing was that everyone was home when Kya died so unexpectedly; my son & his girlfriend were getting ready to eat dinner in the kitchen & I was right next to Kya on the floor in my bedroom... she was watching tv with me & Grizzy was nearby, laying on my bed; it happened so fast, I still can't believe she's gone...death is so heartbreaking & emotional but you still have to make arrangements, pay for things, follow rules.... around 10:00 p.m. my son & I wrapped Kya in a sheet & brought her to the veterinarian's office; Kya's body would be kept over- night in a freezer, in the morning someone would take her to the crematorium. I'll be able to pick up Kya's ashes at  my vets office in approximately 4 weeks. It was so hard to leave her there & nothing at home is the same without her but I know from experience how it goes...we'll all be fine...we are so very grateful that we had Kya in our son believes that she's playing ball with Gramp, my Dad, in heaven along with Daisy, the dog he had when he was growing up & Fuzzy& Flopsy our cats ....his girlfriend blessed Kya with the holy water she blessed her dog, Dusky with, when he died of cancer & said a little prayer for her & Grizzy's not quite sure where Kya is & keeps looking for her...what I know for sure is that we all miss her & love her...forever & ever xoxoxo
Griswald and Kya

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Green Iguana's Outside My Window

A few years ago, we had a cold snap in South Florida that caused almost all of the Iguana's in the area to freeze to death, including a four foot iguana that spent several hours a week in my backyard sunbathing, eating my plants (only the Sunshine Mimosa's) & swimming occasional laps in the pool ....a lot of people set out poison to kill them because 1.they do a lot of pooping, ruining outdoor furniture & pool decks 2.some iguana's can be aggressive &  will lash out with their tails if they feel threatened or will bite 3. their poop can contain salmonella
Yesterday, when I went outside to get my mail, I saw these two small iguana's in the firebush tree in my front yard...they blend in so easily with the green leaves, the brown branches & the shade that I don't know how I saw them & then found them again after I went inside  to get my camera since they moved a few times from when I first spotted them....I have lots of cats that visit my yard for hours at a time so I'm not sure if the Iguana's will move on to a different neighborhood or if I'll be seeing more of of them has a damaged tail; the end is missing but it looks like it healed itself....

Two Together