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Monday, October 14, 2013

Photoshop CC Special Rate @$9.99 a Month

I'm so excited that I now have a subscription to Photoshop CC...The Photoshop Photography Program is priced at $9.99 a month; to get this rate you need to already have Photoshop CS3 or later... this special, limited time offer is available thru December 31st....I enrolled last night for $9.99 and Adobe will continue to debit my credit card automatically every month...The download took about 20 minutes; I  got PS CC, Bridge, Camera Raw, LR5,  20 GB of Cloud Storage and a Behance Pro Site. I had the option to download other apps too but I didn't know enough about them so I just downloaded the programs that I need right now....I think that this is a great deal; I get to learn about the cloud and know that my versions of PS and LR will always be up- to- date....I'm just happy that I heard about the special price since I was going to wait until next year to subscribe...I'm looking forward to using all of the new PS/LR features and to finally  stop worrying that" I'll get left behind"....even if you're a photographer who does most of her/his work in LR and only occasionally uses an older version of PS, it's worth subscribing at this price to be able to use the newest version of PS...with PS available, the possibilities for your images are if you're interested in finding out more, visit Adobe and see if subscribing to the PS CC makes sense for you

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