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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Green Iguana's Outside My Window

A few years ago, we had a cold snap in South Florida that caused almost all of the Iguana's in the area to freeze to death, including a four foot iguana that spent several hours a week in my backyard sunbathing, eating my plants (only the Sunshine Mimosa's) & swimming occasional laps in the pool ....a lot of people set out poison to kill them because 1.they do a lot of pooping, ruining outdoor furniture & pool decks 2.some iguana's can be aggressive &  will lash out with their tails if they feel threatened or will bite 3. their poop can contain salmonella
Yesterday, when I went outside to get my mail, I saw these two small iguana's in the firebush tree in my front yard...they blend in so easily with the green leaves, the brown branches & the shade that I don't know how I saw them & then found them again after I went inside  to get my camera since they moved a few times from when I first spotted them....I have lots of cats that visit my yard for hours at a time so I'm not sure if the Iguana's will move on to a different neighborhood or if I'll be seeing more of of them has a damaged tail; the end is missing but it looks like it healed itself....

Two Together

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