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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunflower

This sunflower has lots of buds, I'm hoping it will bloom all summer.

As soon as I brought it outside, all of the flowers  tilted upward toward the sun.
One of my son's friends gave me this sunflower for Easter. I put it outside this morning since I don't think it will get enough sun if I keep it inside on my dining room's so pretty and "yellow" that I can't help but feel happy every time I look at it... April's my favorite month of the year...I grew up in New England and when April finally came it meant that summer was around the corner, heavy coats, hats and mittens could be put away and if there was still any snow on the ground, it was melting...even the air felt different; fresh and clean and by the end of the month, no matter where you were, you could smell the sweet scent of lilacs.

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