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Monday, November 1, 2010

"Hey!!!"..."Let Me In!"

I tried to crop & straighten this picture but it's still a little there a trick to straightening & getting it right?


  1. I like just fine. It tells a story. Good shot!

  2. Sometimes I underestimate my dogs persistence to "come in"; we once left them in the kitchen when we went out for the afternoon and returned to a crime scene. There was blood everywhere... they must have been so frightened by the lightning and thunder, yet tried in vain to get in to the living room :-(

  3. Serline, that must have been awful for you & your dogs! In this picture of Kya, she was upset because she'd been right behind me while I was going into the house to get my camera & the door slammed shut just before she could get inside...right after I took this picture of her, she busted right through the screen & got stuck in the door frame for a minute or two; half-in & half-out...she is a strong girl!!!