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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Critters In The Pool

Yesterday, my french bulldog, Grizzy, spotted this little ringneck snake floating around in the pool on a raft  of leaves...

if you click on the snake's, head you can see it much better

Earlier that A.M. this curly tailed lizard had also fallen into the pool. I thought it was ok since it was headed for the swimout & shallow water. It must have gotten tired because all of a sudden it sank to the bottom then quickly struggled back to the surface where it did its version of "the dead man's float"! I still feel bad that it almost drowned while I was trying to get a couple of pictures... this lizard is in & out of the pool a couple of times a month so I didn't rush to rescue it. I scooped it up with a leaf & after resting in the sun for about 10 minutes she/he was fine & ran off into the grass.

you can see her/his eye just below the water- line

almost there!

doing great!

uh oh!, this isn't good!

R&R & a happy ending!


  1. Don't think I'll go swimming anytime soon...

    Thanks for visiting my Mammoth Lakes Daily Photo blog Helene!!!

  2. We are sailing, stormy waters,
    To be near you, to be free ;-P

    Happy Halloween!