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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Waiting For The Butterflies

This is one of 3 Monarch pupa that I found yesterday.  It's attached to the leg of a chair, another ia attached to the bottom of a bamboo table & the 3rd pupa is hanging from a metal plant stand. The butterflies should emerge in 9-15 days.  Originally, there were 4 caterpillars on the same milkweed plant.   All of them were about the same size/age. I took a picture of the last remaining caterpillar & posted it just  before it disappeared. Griswald, my French Bulldog, is really the one that found the pupa/chrysalis's. He keeps checking on them, so I think that if the 4th one is nearby , Grizzy will find it & let me know. These Chrysalis are so amazing & perfect...



  1. Looks a bit like a Christmas tree decoration :-)


  2. They do look like little ornaments...

  3. Wish I could see it when the butterfly emerges!